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Do you want to understand all the Jewelry and Gems Career?

It can be emeralds, Sri Lankan Gems, Blue Sapphire, amethyst or crystals stones, you must learn how to find out the right gemstone. Learning the trade will help you to wear, purchase or to relate to someone what exactly a true gemstone is. An interesting and very profitable field of studies. You must learn the A-Z of the trade if you want to buy a genuine gemstone. Who knows you can become the Gems star of the field. Jewelry and Gems Career is ideal field to become that one lucky person who can become rich soon. 

If you want a career in Gemology field then you must study about the gems and gemstones. With advances in gemstone synthesis, gemology has become an important field of study. A credential in gemology can offer numerous career paths:

Let us understand the career that is related to Jewelry and Gems

  1. Appraiser | Evaluate gemstones, antique and contemporary jewelry, and fine watches. Write detailed descriptions and determine valuation.
  2. Auction Specialist | Oversee buying and selling during the lively process of auctioning, privately owned one-of-a-kind jewelry.
  3. Bench Jeweler | Manufacture and repair fine jewelry using craftsmanship skills and expert techniques.
  4. Buyer | Monitor industry and consumer trends and seek out gems and finished jewelry pieces to sell profitably.
  5. Designer | Create unique jewelry designs using precious gemstones.
  6. Lab and Research Professional | Investigate new gem finds, treatment processes, and detection methods in the field and laboratory.
  7. Retailer | A career in the fast-paced environment of retail jewelry sales can be rewarding, exciting, and lucrative. 
  8. Wholesaler | Import and sell diamonds, colored stones, cultured pearls, finished jewelry, and watches from locations around the world.


How to Become a Gemologist?

In the field of gemology, there are many career opportunities. Some of the most common include appraisers, retail associates, lab gemologists, and jewelry designers. However, it can be tough to break into these fields. Most require at least some formal training. In general. Here are the steps you should follow if you want to break into a career in the field of gemology:

  1. Identifying Rock & Gemstone.
  2. Finding out what and how Crystal Formation happens.
  3. You must also learn a lot about the classification of Gemstone.
  4. Practical rough Gem identification without tool is a must have skill. 
  5. Identification NATURAL, SYNTHETIC, GLASS, CUBIC, Gemstones.
  6. Geuda Heat Treatments (Theory).
  7. Cutting Methods (Theory).
  8. Gem Valuation & Marketing.
  9. Field visiting to obtain the knowledge is a must too. 


Now you know what are fields of gemology and what to learn.

Choosing the right institution to learn Jewelry and Gems Career

There are many institutions where you can get quality education about Gems and Gemstone. But choosing the best is in your hands to become a capable gem specialist. Choose carefully! Good luck to your career. Leave your valuable comments to know more about Jewelry and Gems Career. 

You can learn from here everything about Gemologist and what he does?



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