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Ceylon or Sri Lankan Sapphires

Quality Ceylon sapphires are the finest quality sapphire that is available in the market today.  Ceylon is now called Sri Lanka, however the name Ceylon is still used in the gem trade.  The stones come in a light blue to dark blue, where the darker the color, the finer the stone is.  There is very rarely a Ceylon stone that is considered too dark, unlike a Thai, Australian or African stone.  Ceylon stones have a true cobalt blue color, unlike an Australian or Thai stone that has more of a black-blue color.

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8 Gems related Jobs | Gemology Courses

In the field of gemology, there are many career opportunities. Some of the most common include appraisers, retail associates, lab gemologists, and jewelry designers. However, it can be tough to break into these fields; most require at least some formal training. In general, here are the steps you should follow if you want to break into a career in the field of gemology:

Blue Sapphire Stone | How to buy?

I was amazed to know the emerald that is not blue in colour is coming under the famous stone Blue Sapphire, it can be an engagement ring such as princess Diana or stone on a crown, you need to have a better idea of choosing the right stone.  

7 Steps to Identify Gem Stones!

So, you have a pretty stone, and you want to know just what it is you have! Maybe it’s a diamond gem stone, or an emerald gem stone, or maybe it’s a close cousin, or even a piece of colored glass. That’s where the science, (and art) of gem stone

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An outstanding information about genuine gem identification

An Introduction to Gem Identification
People often ask me about gem identification. More specifically, they ask me to identify their gems. Some think I can do this simply by looking at the gemstones. Sometimes, I can. However, identifying gems is rarely that easy. In most cases, attaching the correct name to a gem requires some detective work.
Gem identification involves finding clues and eliminating possibilities. What kind of clues? The optical and physical properties of the gem. Each time I measure or observe one of these properties, the “suspect pool” of possible gems gets smaller. I keep gathering more information until I have a set of properties that can only belong to one gemstone.  READ MORE…

FACTS | Ceylon sapphires are considered the finest available sapphires in the world. Kashmir stones are known to be the finest material, but those mines have been shut down for decades and there is no reliable flow of gems from this region.